Passionate, creative and smart in co-making & co-packing



Packaging is more than just a business to us. It is our passion, and we are keen on sharing it with you.

Kompak's foundation is its passion for innovative and efficient packaging. This has guided us to build the professional, full service co-packing organisation we are today. We have 2 locations, a workforce of 100 employees, and a large and enthusiastic international client base which trusts Kompak to solve its packaging problems.

We are the third generation to lead our company. We take to heart the lessons learned from the two generations of the Spiering family who laid such a strong foundation for us.

    Do honest business.
    Meet your commitments.
    Don't shy away from challenges
    or making investments.
    Always give the customer just a
    little more than was expected.

This underlies our approach to our work: passionate, creative, and smart.

We look forward to working with you.

Jan Spiering Managing Director

Kompak Food BV   -   Boterberg 18   -   5047 ST Tilburg   -   Tel: +31(0)13 504 77 55
E-mail: info@kompak.nl   -   www.kompak.eu